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Family Floater Vs. Individual Health Insurance: Which Is Better For You?

Health insurance is just as important as life insurance, if not more so. A proper health insurance plan ensures financial help at any time when you need medical assistance and not just financial aid after your death. Such an insurance policy can determine whether you would survive a chronic medical condition or not. Now, health insurance is...

4 Life Insurance Backed Steps to Future-proof Your Child

Child Life Insurance

A sign of good parenting is represented by how well you protect the life of your child. However, when it comes to taking such financial initiatives, even the best of us take refuge from duty and put themselves in the shoes of a procrastinator. Indian parents spend the lion’s share of their earnings after their children’s well-being —...

All You Need to Know About Term Life Insurance – FAQs, Plans, Type & Myths!

All YOU Need to Know About Term Insurance

The only thing predictable about life is that it is completely unpredictable. This is why for every income-earner, TERM INSURANCE- which is the most basic yet essential type of life insurance there is- is a MUST-BUY. Read on for everything there is to know about this crucial financial product and how to choose the best term insurance plan for your...

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