If you perform a factory reset, all user applications and user data will be deleted. Please remember to back up any important data before performing factory reset. Resetting the device restores all the factory default settings, including personal data from internal device storage, information about Google account, any other accounts, your system and applications settings, and any downloaded applications.

Resetting the device does not erase any system software updates you’ve downloaded or any files on your microSD card, such as music, pictures or applications. After resetting the device, next time you turn on the device, you’re prompted to re-enter the same kind you first started the device.

To reset your LG Optimus Elite LS696, do the following instructions:

  • Tap  image > image > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset
  • If you are certain that you would like to restore all factory settings, tap Reset Phone
  • Enter your unlock Pattern, PIN or Password if you have configured one
  • Tap Erase Everything to confirm.

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